Examples of Personal Statements For Law School

Law schools look for candidates who possess convincing arguments based on facts. Your personal statement is your opportunity to present a persuasive case. It reveals your abilities in logic and critical thinking. It infuses your soul into the application allowing evaluators to see a person beneath the grade-point average. The personal statement is the selling point; the key to winning an admission to your dream university.

What role then, do examples of personal statements play in this endeavor?

  1. It teaches how to craft a winning argument.

A personal statement is tantamount to a written interview aimed at highlighting your strengths and downplaying your weaknesses in order to win the panel’s vote. With examples, you can see firsthand, the various ways on how to structure your work. The array of examples allows you to bullet proof your work for the panel’s cross-examination.

2. It motivates the sharing of one’s real self.

Not everyone is a natural storyteller. Reading personal statement examples will allow deeper self-reflection, in order to find the right story to share. It also reveals various stories of others before you, providing the encouragement to create your own. Moreover, it gives ideas not only on what to share but also on how to share your story.

3. It provides the dos and don’ts.

By reading different examples of personal statements for law school admissions and their corresponding commentaries, you find out what to do and what to avoid in writing your work. You get to learn that it would be more fitting to share about your growth and life experiences rather than create a summary of your resume.

You get to comprehend the importance of thinking about your audience when writing. The impression you want to convey as the writer may not be the same impression you give to the reader. With examples, you get to observe patterns, differentiate and avoid errors.

4. It presents a clear picture of the real thing.

If you want to get in the law school of your choice, being ill-equipped is not an option. Reading, researching and studying on examples of law school personal statements prevent submission of sloppy applications by providing knowledge on excellent and well structured persuasive cases.