Examples of personal statements

When on the lookout for personal statements examples, the main objective is to find the right one. But this often becomes an excruciating process especially with the numerous resources available online.

What can you do with this predicament? Identify the source of the problem in order to recognize the appropriate solution. Here is a list of the three most common problems behind examples of personal statements


There are various good examples of personal statements found online but are you sure that what these samples claim are genuine and not fraudulent? More and more people tend to become lenient because of the availability of this resource. Always bear in mind that you should check for legitimate sites that offer quality content.

With the number of samples available, it can be tempting to lie about your experiences just to make a good impression. This is risky and mocks your capacity as a person of integrity.


With the volume of personal statements that the admissions staff read every day, plagiarized works can be recognized.

Passion cannot be faked. Authenticity is what truly counts in a personal statement. Once you have found your preferred sample. Use it to guide you in finding the right inspiration to make a superb essay.

Examples personal statements are stories of other people. Your personal statement has to be about you, your life, and your experiences. Don’t be carried away by those real good stories you find.


You want examples personal statements that makes you value every single phrase. The story draws you in and you’re excited to read. Unfortunately, that type of work is hard to find.

There are samples that lack evidence in their claims. Others don’t have proper flow of content. This just makes you dizzy over the jumbled messages of the essay. Vague topics are just too many and take up a lot of time to read. This is absolutely an eye soar.

With these three problems, you can get a grasp of the fundamentals in finding the right examples.

So next time you search for sample personal statements, authenticity, sufficient claims and evidence, proper organization and most of all, sincerity are the elements to look forward to.